T20 World Cup 2024: Italy hopes for qualifications from European Qualifier

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The European qualifier is going to played between Austria, Denmark, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, and Scotland. Italy is still a developing cricket nation, but they are trying its best to be a developed cricket nation. They have signed three cricketers namely Spencer Johnson, Wayne Madsen, and Ben Manenti. This adds a lot of experience to the squad.

Italy is placed in the 32nd rank in the T20I rankings. They have to play the T20 World Cup European Qualifier. Which is scheduled to be played in Scotland on July 23. The three signings show an interest in winning the European qualifier against Italy. The tournament will be played between seven teams in Europe. However, only the top two will qualify for the next round.

Italy captain, Gareth Berg said

“He’s dead keen. He’s going to be a huge boost for us. It’s always nice to have someone that can bowl close to 150 clicks at that level. He’s had quite a tough time with injuries. But he’s coming back pretty strong now. He’s raring to get involved in July,” 

Italy captain further added that

“But at the end of the day, they all have the entitlement to come in and play for us through their passports or through their bloodlines. I’m more than happy for them to represent the national team.

It’s not like we’re throwing cash at them or anything like that. Furthermore, they are coming to play for the love of the blue blood, coming to play for the Azzurri. As soon as I mention it, they’re straight on board with it and willing to help out. Yes, we have pros available, but we also have our local players that are pushing for spots. It’s heartwarming for me and the guys working with me that these guys are pushing themselves really hard.” 

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