T20 World Cup: Virat Kohli got overwhelmed after India lost to Pakistan

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The T20 World Cup got off to a sour start for India and Virat Kohli. Pakistan defeated India in the first encounter. The team’s selection drew criticism. And people are still mocking the Indian bowlers for the disappointing game.

Virat Kohli’s post-match press conference had pyrotechnics and furious words. The Indian team didn’t have any harsh words during their encounter against Pakistan. But with the reporters, it wasn’t easy for the captain. And he had almost lost his cool but but he held it together admirably.

Kohli seemed stumped by the loss. When asked by the reporters, Kohli was replying with sarcasm. As a result, he seemed overwhelmed.

The loss was largely due to the Indian bowlers’ lack of application. They kept bowling lollipops to the likes of Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan(the top order). Both of them played perfectly and didn’t give any lose chances to India.

India’s skipper admitted the mistakes and underperformance, but credited the opposition, as he says-

“On the day if we haven’t played good, we accept it and we give credit to the opposition, as well. We don’t create any other scenarios other than knowing what went wrong and trying to correct that and move forward in a positive manner,”

And on being asked if the heavy defeat was due to “overconfidence against Pakistan,” Kohli said “NO.”

He wishes those asking such questions could put themselves in the shoes of Indian players and appreciate the strain they face. India had never lost an ICC T20 World Cup game to their arch-rivals before Sunday’s match, but the Azam and Rizwan brothers changed that.

The reporters were unkind and unapologetically asked poor questions. The players had to deal with a lot of pressure and tension as a result of the game. Before Sunday’s contest, India had never lost an ICC T20 World Cup game to their arch-rivals, but the Azam and Rizwan brothers altered that.

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