Takehiro Tomiyasu could be used by Arteta in upcoming fixture

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Arsenal‘s manager, Mikel Arteta, faces a tough phase with injuries ahead of a crucial Premier League match against Bournemouth. Seeking to strengthen the team, Arteta thinks about bringing back Takehiro Tomiyasu. He is a player who played a crucial role in his debut season but has seen reduced playtime recently. Despite only two starts this season, Tomiyasu‘s speed and defensive skills make him a potential game-changer. Especially with Arsenal‘s current injury issues.

Arteta usually deploys Ben White at right-back and Oleksandr Zinchenko at left-back. Center-back pairing of William Saliba and Gabriel Magalhaes completes the defense. However, uncertainties about Saliba‘s availability may lead Arteta to consider a different lineup. It is with the versatile Tomiyasu alongside Zinchenko, Gabriel, and White. Tomiyasu‘s recently had a standout performance in the Carabao Cup victory over Brentford. He showcased his defensive prowess and received acclaim.

In a pre-match press conference, Arteta expresses confidence in Tomiyasu, highlighting his adaptability to different positions and formations. The manager stresses the importance of providing Tomiyasu with a consistent run of games to reach peak physical condition. Valued at £16 million, Tomiyasu stands ready to contribute significantly, reinforcing Arsenal‘s defense once the squad returns to full fitness. Furthermore, Bournemouth faces the challenge of contending with a pool of talented players as Arteta navigates strategic plans amid injury challenges.

Tactical flexibility of Tomiyasu

Arteta‘s consideration of Tomiyasu underscores his tactical flexibility and ability to adapt to the team’s dynamic needs. Tomiyasu‘s inclusion offers defensive stability and injects fresh energy and versatility into the lineup. Moreover, Arteta‘s confidence in Tomiyasu‘s ability to perform across various positions highlights the player’s importance to the squad.

As Arsenal deals with injuries, Tomiyasu‘s potential reintroduction could fortify the team’s defensive resilience and serve as the catalyst needed. His recent standout performance in the Carabao Cup signifies his capabilities. Moreover, Arteta‘s decision to provide him with more game time is a strategic move to leverage his skills for the team’s success.

Moreover, Arteta faces challenges due to injuries, but the possible return of Tomiyasu provides hope and a strategic advantage for Arsenal. The team gears up for the critical match against Bournemouth. Arteta‘s reliance on Tomiyasu‘s versatility and defensive prowess could be pivotal in overcoming current obstacles.

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