Target man Rasmus Hojlund pissed with teammates after lack of co-ordination

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Star striker Rasmus Hojlund has taken time to settle into the Man Utd environment, and it is still a bit of a rough patch. The Danish striker ended his debut season as the club’s top scorer, scoring 16 goals in about 50 appearances. That is impressive for someone who just settled into the English side from Serie A. However, most of these goals came in the second half of the season. Rasmus Hojlund and his performance at Man Utd got criticism and backlash, initially when he struggled to deliver. The Atalanta striker was failing to prove his worth of 72 million, and fans were questioning Erik ten Hag’s strategy. Until the day when Rasmus became the youngest player to score in six consecutive matches. He also clinched the PL’s player of the month award for February, scoring four goals in five matches. Hojlund slowly and steadily became a fan favorite too. 

What went wrong for Rasmus Hojlund with the Manchester United teammates?

Rasmus Hojlund blamed his teammates for not passing him the ball in the final third. He criticized the lack of sportsmanship and trust that prevail. He feels outcast as he is unable to deliver his role by backing the team’s morale for what he has been entrusted with. The player who suffered an injury crisis and spent one month away from the starting lineup feels threatened. The Danish striker, who waited till early December to open his score sheet, finds a lack of coordination after months of hard work. He is constantly in comparison with Premier League stars like Haaland, Issak and other strikers who manage to stay on top of the leaderboard. The Danish star feels himself to be in the right position on the field, yet his teammates aren’t feeding him key opportunities. Hojlund has dismissed the rumors, however, saying;

“I would have liked to get the ball a bit more sometimes, but that’s just not always possible. This is, again, an example of something I have to shut out because it’s just a lot of noise. You have to filter out the stories because 90 to 95 per cent of them are nonsense.”

Whether the starlet is trying to be haughty or modest is up for debate. He might be playing it safe and diplomatic, as he does not want to tread on water with the ones who have already cemented their position in the club after years of service. In the meantime, the Red Devils will be looking for a striker for the departing Anthony Martial. The new striker will serve the purpose of a backup target, and the fierce competition will be something to look forward to after the Euros. 

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