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Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has shared his thoughts on the state of Test cricket, following India’s heavy criticism for producing pitches that could not sustain a five-day match. During an interview with Aaj Tak, the master blaster emphasized the importance of focusing on the “attractiveness” of a Test match, rather than its length. He suggested that the quality of a Test match should be prioritized over its duration.

Tendulkar also highlighted the importance of being able to play on all types of pitches and evaluate them effectively to perform well, especially in challenging conditions. When discussing the differences between playing at home versus playing away. He emphasized the need for touring teams to understand the away conditions and strategize accordingly to achieve success.

“We need to understand one thing that Test cricket should be attractive. The emphasis should not be on how many days it lasts. We (cricketers) are made to play on different pitches. Whether the pitch is helpful to the fast bowlers or according to the spinners, we should come to face the ball in every situation.”

Tendulkar said.

“When you tour, the conditions are not easy. You need to understand what is happening, assess everything and then start planning things,”

he further added

Tendulkar on what ICC and MCC doing to save test cricket

Sachin Tendulkar also addressed discussions with the ICC and MCC aimed at maintaining Test cricket’s status as the premier format of the sport. He noted that if Test cricket is to become more thrilling and entertaining. Something must be done to empower bowlers to challenge batsmen and compel them to play better cricket.

“We are all talking about Test cricket with ICC, MCC. How can Test cricket remain the top format? If we want that, we need to do something for the bowlers. Because the bowlers ask a question every ball and the batsman has to answer it.”

Tendulkar said.

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