AB De Villiers on meeting Virat ‘The first impression was ufff…’


The former South African captain AB De Villiers shared how he felt while meeting Virat Kohli for the first time. He shared these things on the RCB’s youtube channel. Chris Gayle was also part of the video on Youtube.

AB De Villiers on Virat Kohli

Oh my goodness…I have had this question before and I had given this answer before as well. I think he was quite cocky and arrogant when I met him the first time. With that hairstyle and he had a bit of a strut going…yes flamboyant, absolutely,”

AB De Villiers further added that

“But the minute I got to know him a bit better and watched him play I mean I’ve got as much respect for him but I got to know him better as a human being. I think he had a barrier around him when I met him the first time and that barrier opened up and I got to know the person. I didn’t like him but you know what I’m saying. He’s a top person now but the first impression was ufff…he’s got to come down to earth a bit,” 

RCB retired the jersey number of the top players AB De Villiers and Chris Gayle. Virat Kohli on this occasion told that

“AB has truly changed the game of cricket with his innovation, brilliance, and sportsmanship. Which truly defines the RCB Play Bold philosophy. It’s truly special for me to be doing this for both of you. We saw videos of how you have changed the way the IPL has been played over the years. Two people who have had a huge impact in IPL being where it is today; and RCB being where it is today,”

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