The race heats up in the Premier League: Who will play Champions League next season?

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The Premier League is enjoying a good competition for the fourth spot and the question remains, who will play in the Champions League. Manchester City and Liverpool have cemented their place in the top four as both the clubs are contending for the league title. However, more than three clubs are fighting for the spot as Chelsea have also booked a place in the top four.

Arsenal, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, and West Ham United all are battling for the final place in the top four. One mistake from any of these clubs and their spot in the Champions League is gone. Both Tottenham and Arsenal have not played in the Champions League for a long time. Whereas West Ham United have an opportunity to experience a UCL night for the first time.

On the other hand, Manchester United recently got knocked out of the Champions League round of 16 by Atletico Madrid. Arsenal are in a better position to finish four and play in the UCL after five long years. However, Tottenham and Manchester United have the better squad depth to challenge Arsenal.

Arsenal are currently fourth scoring 54 points in 28 matches. Whereas their north London derby rivals, Tottenham have 51 points in 29 matches. Manchester United have scored just one point less than Tottenham in as many matches. Finally, West Ham United have scored 48 points in 30 matches which makes them the least favorite out of those four.

Who will have a better Premier League season and who will play in the Champions League next season?

As things stand, Arsenal are the favorites to finish fourth in the league. Manchester United have been very inconsistent this season and will need a run of good results to challenge Arsenal. However, that has been United’s problem this season and they may miss out on the UCL. They also have a tough run of fixtures ahead with a trip to the Emirates right after facing Liverpool and also playing Chelsea later on.

Tottenham Hotspur does look like the team who can challenge Arsenal and might even steal their place. Looking forward Spurs have better fixtures ahead of them than Arsenal. Spurs just have to secure wins against the teams which are not in the top half of the table. They only face one side from the big six and that is Liverpool against whom Spurs scraped out a draw earlier this year.

Arsenal have tough fixtures ahead of them than Spurs facing two big six sides. They will also be facing a hungry West Ham. However, Arsenal have a strong form and momentum on their side which makes them the favorites to finish fourth. They are only likely to struggle against Chelsea but are capable enough to cause an upset even there.

It looks very likely that Arsenal will play in the Champions League straight after 2016. The fact that they haven’t played in the UCL for five years will be enough to motivate their players. Although they will have to be cautious as the Spurs also look very strong with a bit of luck on their side. Nevertheless, Arteta has got his magic going at Arsenal and will certainly take them to the Champions League.

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