The third spinner is always under-bowled: Rohit on Axar Patel 


The ongoing Test series between India and Australia is led by the Indian team by 2-0. The Aussie batsman could not trust either their sweep or their defense. Both the test matches end on the third day itself. Ravindra Jadeja is the man of the match for both matches. The leading run scorer is the Indian Captain himself, Rohit Sharma. The captain is leading the team from the front.

Rohit Sharma on Indian spinners

“Ashwin and Jadeja have both bowled really well, so I have to continue to make them bowl them as much as possible. If you have three spinners, you know that the third spinner is always under-bowled. It’s been Axar in these two Test matches. You never know who the guy will be in the next two Test matches. If guys are getting wickets from both sides, you’ve got to continue to bowl them. That’s how it is. You can’t really do too much.”

Indian Captain praises Jadeja

“It comes very naturally to Jadeja. By the time you are walking back to your field, he is already ready to bowl the next ball. Sometimes it is difficult for me to adjust the field. If I want to push a guy a couple of yards behind, this guy is already on the run-up to bowl.” said Rohit

He further added that

“When you are trying to gather your thoughts, the last thing you want as an opposition is to give them enough time to think about what they want to do out in the middle. Those are little tactical parts of the game that you always need to think about. When the new batter walks in, guys need to be ready in their positions. The bowler needs to be ready with the ball in hand and not give them enough time to talk in between.”

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