Thiago Silva is a great player according to Alan Pardew


In light of the recent happenings, Aris manager Alan Pardew made several comments about Chelsea’s current state, including Thiago Silva.

The Blues recently faced Bournemouth, eventually settling to a 0-0 draw, disappointing the very few fans which still had hope. The team showed very little control over the match, creating even less chances than their last match against Nottingham Forest.

The club is making concerning steps towards to earn a worse standing in the Premier League compared to last season. As of writing this, the club is standing at the 14th place in the league, with a mere 5 points.

The problem is clear as day, while the player are capable in a vacuum, the lack of chemistry is devastating.

Alan Pardew recently touched on the matter in detail while discussing the club’s recent performance on Talkspots as their guest.

Silva represents what Chelsea needs according to Pardew

Pardew argued that Silva is an example of what the club is currently missing, that is a personality.

“I look at that team, I look at Silva, and I know he’s a leader” he stated during his interview.

“Then when I look around for that personality … that someone who’s gonna grab the game and take control of that midfield area, I don’t know.

Adding some fresh blood to a well established team is an undeniably great move overall. However, Chelsea’s overdependence on new players with complete disregard to the value of experienced players is proving to be costly.

Considering the fact that the Blues spent £1 billion on the current team, claiming that followers of the club are disappointed is an understatement.

By acquiring so many young players, the club sacrificed the present for long term success. But for a club as large as Chelsea, this is proving to be a terrible decision.

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