Thierry Henry believes Vinicius is the best winger in the world

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Thierry Henry believes Vinicius is the best winger in the world at the moment. Whilst Brazil were knocked out of the 2022 Qatar World Cup early and massively underperformed. They have some serious talent coming through from Gabriel Martinelli to Vinicius Jr, Bruno Guimarães etc.

Thierry Henry believes Vinicius is the best left winger just behind Gabriel Martinelli

But on Wednesday night, it was another chance for Vinicius Jr. He scored the winning goal in the Champions League final last season. It was his time again to showcase his talents on club football’s biggest stage. Coming up against Reece James, and also Wesley Fofana, the man on Real Madrid’s left caused all sorts of problems. He played his part in Karim Benzema opening the scoring in the first leg and assisted Rodrygo in the 2nd leg.

What Henry said after the first leg vs Chelsea

Thierry Henry says :-

“This is what I am saying with Vinícius Jr, he pushes the ball to pass Reece James,” said Henry. “He knows that, at that moment, he is going to lose that race.

“Okay, ‘I am going to lose it, but then I push again’. This is what I am saying, he thinks about what he is doing. He makes you fall. He makes you stumble. Pushes the ball again. He stops you. Squares you, then pushes the ball again. That’s the difference. He is a thinker.

On asked if Vinicius Jr is the best left winger in the world and if he would make his world XI:

Yes,” responded Henry to Jamie Carragher. “At the moment, yes. However, you have guys that are doing okay at Arsenal in the Premier League. Martinelli is coming.

“But in the last two years, Vinicius Jr has been solid. But do you know why I would give him being ahead of others? Where he is coming from. From an unwanted guy in a dressing room to a guy that gets kicked around every time he plays the game. Getting booed by the fans. Abused in pre-season. Again, the guy delivers. They try to kick him. They wanted him out of the dressing room. He delivers. Now, it looks a tiny bit like his team, although Benzema would have a word to say about that, but the two of them are brilliant.”

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