Thomas Partey makes an admission about his injury after Arsenal match

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Thomas Partey made an injury admission after the Arsenal win against Bournemouth. The player explain his persistent absence since joining Arsenal. Since the arrival of the player, he has been plagued by multiple injury issues. However Thomas Partey had missed only seven games for Atletico Madrid since joining their senior squad. On the other hand he have missed 39 games for the Gunners. And that is more than a whole Premier League season. Thomas Partey have struggled with seven different injury issues in his Arsenal career. Further more his recent injury saw him miss a crucial match against Manchester City. Arsenal lost 1-3 at Emirates. Therefore there has been a growing frustration among the fans regarding the midfielder. The question arises often times as to why the player had few issues in Spain than compared to England.

Thomas Partey makes an admission regarding his injury issues

Thomas Partey spoke to the media after Arsenal win against Bournemouth. He was asked about the growing frustration for missing so many matches. The player admitted that there is only one key feature behind so many missed fixtures. He said, “Well, I think it’s adaption. If you go from a different league, normal things happen.” Thomas Partey further admitted, “I am working on everything, I am trying my best. I am trying to help the team any time I can. When I am ready and fit, I will be ready to help the team.” Partey is often times considered as a very important player in the team. The control and calmness that he brought to the team is incomparable. That being said, Jorginho was signed from Chelsea as an alternative for Partey.

And the presence of the experienced Premier League player have definitely reduced the burden on the team. The Italian have been impressive for the team since joining them. And yet, Partey’s presence in the Bournemouth match, was a little better than Jorginho’s displays in other matches. There is still hope for the Gunners to win the title if Partey is available for the rest of the season. Fans would be keeping their fingers crossed.

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