Thomas Partey was the difference in the Arsenal match against Everton

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Pundit Jay Bothroyd has deemed Thomas Partey as the ‘difference’ between Arsenal and Everton in the match. The Gunners beat Everton 4-0 on Wednesday night. Thomas Partey was named on the bench by manager Mikel Arteta. The player however made a return at the weekend against Leicester City. He had missed the match against Manchester City prior to that due to an injury. Mikel Arteta had explained before that he doesn’t wish to rush the player. Furthermore, he stayed true to his words when team news came out and Partey was named on the bench. Jorginho started the match and even came close to scoring twice before half-time. However, the Italian had to come off at half-time. And therefore he made way for Thomas Partey for the second half of the match.

Thomas Partey has been deemed as the difference in the Arsenal clash against Everton

Sky Sports Pundit Jay Bothroyd have praised the player since he came on. He also lauded the impact Thomas Partey had on the team since joining them. Although Arsenal had already scored twice before Partey came on. But his impact was clearly visible for the third goal. Jay Bothroyd lauded Thomas Partey,

“Arsenal have been fantastic. Partey has been the difference – they’re moving the ball around so quick.”

He further added,

“Everton had those kind of chances in the first half – but that’s the difference in quality.”

Partey changed the tempo of the game completely since coming on. He brought on calmness with him. Furthermore, no one could pass through him when he was on the ball. Jorginho had paved the way well for the player before going off. The Arsenal fans would be hoping that Partey stays injury free for the rest of the season.

Thomas Partey have been an important player for the Gunners this season. The Arsenal team was seen struggling a few times without the player in prior matches. Therefore the influence that the player have on the team is very obvious.

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