Thomas Tuchel planning to build a team around Romelu Lukaku and Kai Havertz

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According to Evening Standard, Thomas Tuchel has identified Romelu Lukaku and Kai Havertz as his strike partnership. The German manager also wants to build a team around the pair. The Chelsea fans faced a dilemma of whom to start as the striker due to inconsistent performances.

Kai Havertz who has been instrumental in Chelsea’s most important matches or Romelu Lukaku who is a proven goalscorer was a big question to answer for Tuchel. However, the former Paris Saint-Germain manager has figured that playing both of them could be an answer to this issue.

Both the players bring a different type of skillset onto the pitch which is why leaving anyone out seemed like a wrong choice. Lukaku’s physique and the killer instinct of a striker could see Chelsea score more goals. On the other hand, Havertz’s creative ability and versatility can get the best out of his teammates.

Consequently, Tuchel has decided to play both of them as the strike partnership. This way Chelsea can profit from both of their abilities at the same time. However, he will have to adjust the rest of his team according to that setup and both Lukaku and Havertz will also have to make a few changes to their game.

How does Thomas Tuchel plan to build a team around Romelu Lukaku and Kai Havertz?

Romelu Lukaku and Kai Havertz have very contrasting attributes in their game. Lukaku has a strong physique that helps him dust off defenders and win set-pieces. Whereas, Kai Havertz is a more agile player who can get out of difficult positions very quickly. Havertz is more of a technical player than Lukaku who is more of a goalscorer.

Tuchel is most likely to use the formation 4-4-2 while partnering Lukaku and Havertz up top alongside each other. Tuchel has already practiced playing a back four instead of a back three for a while. The midfield is where Chelsea already dominates and wingbacks are also a strong point of Chelsea.

However, Lukaku and Havertz could complement each other up top because of their contrasting abilities. Lukaku can win the aerial duels while Havertz can use his technical ability for link-up plays and create chances for Lukaku. Both of them have a very good pace and can get into excellent positions to finish chances and win matches for their team.

Chelsea’s best football in history has also been played in a similar setup with the formation of 4-4-2. History might repeat itself if Tuchel adopts that system again and keeps winning trophies the way they have been. However, to succeed in this formation, they need good backup if one player gets injured or leaves the club.

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