Thomas Tuchel’s frustration over the Chelsea player’s style of play

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Reports suggests that Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel was frustrated with Chelsea‘s Thiago Silva. Therefore the manager wanted to replace him in the starting line-ups. The Chelsea player often played the football at his own pace. He often took his time on the ball and slowed down the game. This is apparently what irritated the then-Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel. The then-Chelsea manager liked quick progression on the ball from the defense to attack, using the wing backs as an outlet.

Thomas Tuchel’s frustration over Chelsea’s Silva

Thiago Silva’s slow-paced balls often times didn’t suit Tuchel’s tactical policies. Despite being an amazing player on the ball, the manager was continuously irritated with the lack of speed. According to The Athletic, the then-Chelsea manager often “grew frustrated” which he deemed to be Silva’s “lack of urgency in possession”. Hence the former Chelsea manager wanted to replace the 38- year old player from the starting line-ups. The manager wanted to replace the Brazilian with a more modern centre-back. However the lack of support from the higher ups stopped him from doing so.

Tuchel on replacing Silva

Antonio Rudiger and Andreas Christensen were vital players for Chelsea. However both had switched to La Liga, which reduced the options for Tuchel. The former manager had insisted to Todd Boehly to provide players for this area of center backs. The Athletic even claim that Tuchel wanted at least two new center- backs to ultimately switch out Thiago Silva. Even with the new signings of Kalidou Koulibaly and Wesley Fofana the team continued to suffer. Even though these signings look good on paper but they both fell short of their injuries. Ultimately it leads to Tuchel playing with Silva after running out of options. And Thiago Silva still continues to be in the starting line-ups under the new manager.

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