Thomas Tuchel’s limited role in Chelsea’s takeover process outlined after the manager’s comments

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Chelsea‘s takeover chapter is not here to go for a while. The process has already consumed a lot of time, yet Chelsea are still without a new owner. Roman Abramovich has hired the Raine Group to facilitate the club’s sale and they are rigorously selecting the new owner. Several bidders submitted their offers, but the winner is yet unknown. Raine Group are studying all the aspects closely before picking out the next man in charge.

According to multiple reports, four bidders’ shortlisting for the final round of Chelsea’s takeover took place. Numerous offers came in, but some were eliminated at the initial stage. Saudi Media Group, for example, faced rejection because of the controversy they attracted. In the same vein, ones that had loopholes were sidelined. However, the four finalized bidders are consortiums led by Todd Boehly, Lord Coe, Ricketts Family, and Stephen Pagliuca.

One of them is set to become the next Chelsea owner, but there’s still one test to pass. Raine Group have reportedly extended the deadline for these four to submit renewed bids. The move comes despite all of the bidders submitting initial offers. However, Raine Group wants that the final four to visit the Chelsea facilities, take an insight into the club’s financials and resubmit new bids. But Thomas Tuchel, manager of the club happens to have little knowledge of the same. The German looked surprised after he came to know about the extended time lent for refurbished bids.

Chelsea’s (extended) takeover process surprises Tuchel

Thomas Tuchel was speaking in the media ahead of Chelsea’s clash against Southampton when the takeover was discussed. The manager was questioned over the extension of the deadline to which he raised his eyebrows. Tuchel said,

“Oh I did not know this. No… it is what it is”. However, Tuchel further assured that he trusts the people involved in the process. “It’s the process, and I’m sure that the people who take care of it; our board, the government, and the people who made the bid, are aware of the urgency.”

Tuchel added,

“It’s not my business, actually, [so] it’s not an upset. As I said before, I’m not involved in the daily process of that. So, it’s not a new concern”.

Chelsea are enduring a torrid period, suffering back-to-back defeats. Brentford hammered the Blues in the league before Real Madrid thrashed them in the Champions League. Media and fans were quick enough to judge that Chelsea’s takeover story has taken a toll over the club’s performances.

Thomas Tuchel has leaped into the defence of his team, denying such claims.

“We proved that it’s not like this, so why should it be different now?”

Tuchel said,

“Nothing has changed for us in our life, here in Cobham, the training ground, and the preparation of the games. I don’t look for any excuses in these circumstances”.

Chelsea are looking to bounce back from their double defeats with a positive result against the Saints. Tuchel seems to be confident that his team will shrug off their disappointments to lock the third place in the league.

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