Toni Nadal expected more from Nick Kyrgios

Nick Kyrgios

Toni Nadal explained the reason behind Nick Kyrgios’s loss to Novak Djokovic in the Wimbledon Final.

Tennis coach and uncle to Rafa Nadal, Toni blamed the “messy understanding” of Kyrgios behind his loss in the Wimbledon final. Though the Australian received praises from the fans as well as Novak Djokovic for his performance.

Kyrgios won the first set by 6-4, but Djoker’s focused response lead him to ace the remaining 3 sets. The nervousness forced Kyrgios to make several outbursts to the fans and umpire.

Kyrgios, at the start of the match, looked calm and focused. But after the Serbian’s comeback, he was enraged at his box and eventually lost the match by 6-4,3-6,4-6,6-7.

In the interview to El Paris, Toni said,

In the decisive moments he was unable to control his anxiety. That again, degenerated into constant rebukes to his team as if they were to blame for the undesired paths the scoreboard was taking for him.”

“The match lacked great brilliance, mainly because there were too many unplayed points. The lack of perseverance of the Australian, especially in regards to maintaining his aggressiveness, revealed the main problem, that his game possesses.”

the tennis professional added.

“Nick Kyrgios, with his messy way of understanding the game, disturbs his game. He does this not so much by what he does with the ball, but by the way he wants to do it. It is very difficult for him to achieve the continuity that requires scoring points. Tennis is a sport of repetition, rather than the spectacular.”

Many fans inside arena as well as outside the arena praised the better Krygios. They claimed that the Kyrgios in the final was an improved player with a focused vision. He looked hungry and made the GOAT-Novak struggle for every single point.

Djokovic also praised Krygios despite Toni Nadal’s criticism

After winning the Championship, Djokovic admitted that there’s a bromance between the two stars.

“Nick, you’ll be back. Not just Wimbledon, but finals. It’s hard to find consolation words after such a tough loss but you showed why you deserve to be one of the best players in the world, particularly on this surface. Congrats to you and all your team for an amazing tournament. I wish you all the best, man. I really do.

were the words of praise from the Serb’s end.

The two even invited each other for dinner and the payment for the same would be made by the winner of the Championship.

Nick, however, was very happy but exhausted due to a busy season. After the match, he posted a few pictures on Instagram and chose to party hard with his friends and family.

On the professional front, Novak is set to miss out on the US Open while Nick Kyrgios after coming so close to the Championship, this time would be more eager to win the first grand slam of his career.

Hopefully, the crowd’s favorite entertainer, Kyrgios would take Toni’s advice in a positive manner. And will not only try to reach the final stage of the upcoming U.S Open but also to win it.

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