Top Five Players Picked By Rashid Khan In T20 Cricket

Rashid Khan, Six Sports

IPL 2021: Rashid Khan picks his favourite players in T20 considering the ongoing season of T20 cricket. In this edition of IPL Chennai Super Kings became the first-ever team to qualify and they were also the first team to reach the finals. And soon we will get our winner of this season.

However, the T20 fever got to continue as just after IPL 2021 gets over, the T20 world cup 2021 will start. And fans are loving the season of T20 cricket this year.

Rashid Khan picks the best T20 format players

Virat Kohli
Kane Williamson
Ab de Villiers
Hardik Pandya
Kieron Pollard
Rashid top 5 t20 batsmen
Rashid Khan, Six Sports
Rashid Khan, Afghanistan

He chooses Virat Kohli as his first pick on the list. Rashid said-

“(Virat Kohli) Doesn’t really depend on the wicket, doesn’t matter whatever the wicket is, he is someone who is going to step up and perform.” 

Rashid’s second choice was Kane Williamson. And the reason was pretty straightforward. Rashid said-

“Williamson is calm and a good leader, he’s a go to batsman in pressure situations, he has proved it in the past several times,”

His third choice was Ab de Villiers, Rashid said-

“A destructive batsman. Someone who can give you quick runs at any stage, any wicket, against any bowler and he can play any shot. As a captain, you will always love to have that batsman.”

Moreover, his last 2 picks were Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard from Mumbai Indians. Both the players are destructive in their true form. And they are complete cricketers who can bat, bowl and field handsomely.

While Rashid Khan himself is now emerging as one of the all-rounders. The Afghanistan international can strike the ball well in the death overs.

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