Dhoni Finishes The Game to take CSK all the way to the finals of IPL 2021

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IPL 2021: It’s been a long time since we have seen Dhoni finishing the game. And in this season of IPL, we finally saw the captain of CSK in his vintage form once again when they needed him the most. Time has shown its process and it has been amazing for CSK this year. But they have lost some frequent matches before the playoffs. Though the players have played well but against DC, CSK needed some more runs to chase the target and that’s when Dhoni arrived.

Time has taken him away from the true capability of the captain. And we all have seen him finishing for his team when the team needs the most. No one has ever shown such a consistent performance like him in such a pressure situation. He always gives his best and win the matches with his steady posture.

Dhoni takes CSK to their 9th IPL Final

The way he bats is so flawless and admirable. He doesn’t play like he used to before, because now he understands that his time in cricket is almost over. He give in more time helping the youngsters. But whenever the team needs him to deliver, he does.

Dhoni scored 18 runs off just 6 balls. He impressed everyone again and won the match for CSK with 2 balls left.

October 10, 2021: It is nearly 17 years since he started his legacy. Now he’s just not a player but he’s an emotion every fan of cricket feels.

In the match against CSK, DC tried their best when Dhoni came. But we know when the storm hits, it’s uncontrollable for a bowler to stop him. The calmness in his stature won’t be mistaken. And he won’t ever stop to give his best till the time he plays.

Thus CSK won the match and reached into finals one again under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. Fans were thrilled. After the match, twitter was filled with tweets and amazing heartfelt wishes for CSK and Dhoni.

“I’m really happy. I’ve been glowing all day, a bright yellow colour. He’s been magnificent. The negative nellys out there have been doubting the way that he’s gone about it. No. 7 is a great number. It carries a great weight. The responsibility and he just finished in great style.” – Matthew Hayden

“I think when he’s done and when he’s retired I think he’ll definitely be remembered as one of the great finishers the game has ever seen.” – Ricky Ponting

MS Dhoni is already retired from Indian Cricket Team. But he’s continuing to play in IPL for CSK. And thus has carried his team for a record 9th Finals of the IPL.

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