Tottenham: Concerns Arise for £15M Player as pundit explains

Jude Soonsup-Bell

As Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg found himself benched during Tottenham Hotspur’s Premier League opener against Brentford. The sight raised questions for former Arsenal striker Alan Smith. He pondered whether the Danish player’s tenure under Ange Postecoglou might be limited.

While the attention has largely been focused on Moises Caicedo’s astonishing British record £115 million transfer to Chelsea. It was another ex-Brighton midfielder who delivered a noteworthy performance on the field over the weekend.

Bissouma’s performance in Tottenham’s 2-2 draw against Brentford showcased shades reminiscent of Mousa Dembele – characterized by his intricate footwork, penetrating passes, and graceful control, much like a ballet.

However, this bright display came at the expense of Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg’s inclusion in the starting XI. A player who held a prominent position on the Spurs team sheet during the tenures of Antonio Conte, Jose Mourinho. And even Nuno Espirito Santo, there’s now speculation regarding whether Hojbjerg’s status as an almost automatic starter could be diminishing. This speculation arises from the arrival of a more proactive, attack-oriented coach to the scene.

Tottenham and their plans

“Bissouma’s situation is intriguing. The imperative is for him to recapture his Brighton form.” Ponders Alan Smith, a two-time First Division champion with Arsenal.

He goes on to express, “I don’t believe that Postecoglou holds Hojbjerg in the highest regard when it comes to his preferred football style.”

Despite the considerable attributes of the £15 million acquisition from Southampton, such as his discipline, leadership, and aggression, he lacks the finesse and innate ball-handling prowess of Bissouma. Notably, in Celtic under Postecoglou’s management. The preferred deep-lying midfielder was Callum McGregor. McGregor’s role wasn’t merely defensive, but instead initiating attacks, setting the tempo, and dictating the play’s rhythm.

“With (Geoffrey) Kondogbia’s departure (to Marseille), and considering (Axel) Witsel’s versatility leaning towards a center-back role, although he can operate in midfield as well. We perceive an enhanced competitive stance through the addition of another midfielder. This individual would contribute attributes such as personality, skill, and foster internal competition.”

“Ultimately, the decision on who to sign rests with the club.”

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