Tottenham Hotspur set to host world’s first net-zero carbon match

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Tottenham Hotspur set to host football’s first-ever net-zero carbon football game against Chelsea on 19th September. The side from North London has taken this initiative to control and reduce the emission of Carbon during the game.

Tottenham has reportedly partnered with Sky Sports and COP26 climate change conference to take this initiative during the game on 19th of September at the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium.

The game is likely to include various measures for the initiative. The fans will be encouraged to use public transports or cycles to the match rather than using personal vehicles. Even the players will be arriving at the stadium in Biofuel coaches which do not emit any carbon.

Various dietary measures will also take place at the Tottenham Hotspurs stadium. The fans will be encouraged to take plant-based food options. Various chefs at the stadium have also be instructed the same so as to help support the initiative.

How did Tottenham Hotspur decided upon the idea of hosting the net-zero carbon match?

Club President Daniel Levy described the initiative as ‘ground-breaking’. He exclaimed how he wants Tottenham Hotspurs to be an example to the rest of the clubs to save the climate. He described Tottenham as the greenest club in the Premier League.

Tottenham’s rivals Chelsea have also supported the idea of a ‘Net-Zero’ game that will take place on the 19th. The fans on the other hand have also shown support to the club’s initiatives and have decided to help the club in all possible ways.

Apart from the matchday initiative, Tottenham and Sky Sports have also partnered with Natural Capital Partners to set up an afforestation camp in the east of Africa to offset the remaining emissions.

It will be fascinating to see the world’s first-ever net-zero carbon match. Moreover, it will take place in a new stadium recently developed for Tottenham fans. Thus naming it as the Tottenham Hotspur stadium.

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