Tottenham midfielder has no hatred for London rivals

James Maddison

Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspur have an intense rivalry for ages now. Both the clubs are battling each other for a long time now. Every season it changes who reign supreme over London. This season was no different when we saw Tottenham fans cheering for Manchester City. Arsenal again missed the chance to win the Premier League. Fans saw the same scenery from last scene after Arsenal lost the league twice to Man City.

However the results could be a bit different for Arsenal if Manchester City managed to drop some points late in the season. Manchester City went on a winning streak where they win all of their games including one against Tottenham. Even though Tottenham fans are celebrating on Arsenal losing the title. According to Tottenham midfielder there is no hard feelings between him and their rivals in red.

Tottenham signed James Maddison for £40m last summer and he was an instant hit among the fans. After Leicester City got relegated last season many players took the opportunity to leave including Maddison. This was bold move after looking at the struggling squad of Tottenham who just lost their two key players Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris. The manager Ange Postecoglou had a monumental task to rebuild the squad for the upcoming season and what a job he had done.

James Maddison formed midfield partnership with Yves Bissouma and Pape Matar-Sarr to build one of the finest midfield partnership in Premier League. We could see how good this trio was in the starting of the season. Maddison’s creativity and long shots is what Tottenham fans were so desperately waiting for. Maddison scoring goals left and right helped Tottenham fill the gap left by Harry Kane.

Tottenham midfielder James Maddison has no particular preference in London Derby

In the recent title deciding match against Manchester City and Tottenham. Many Tottenham fans were visibly happy with Tottenham losing. This allowed Manchester City to win and secure their fourth consecutive league title. As Tottenham manager Ange Postecoglou was not happy with this mindset Maddison explains his views on rivalry. He explain how it is important for football players to remain professional and ignore the sentiments of fans and media. Maddison who was an Arsenal fan according to his old Twitter posts shows his view on this rivalry. However it can be seen and confirmed that these tweets were satire and don’t represent the serious views of the midfielder. When asked Maddison replied “I’ve never in my life been a Gooner, just for the record,” to an Instagram comment.

Speaking on talkSPORT (28 May 2024, 5:15 pm), Maddison said: “All the build-up that you lot (media) do, we probably don’t as much notice as you think or don’t fully understand the fans’ feelings. I am not a Tottenham fan. Deep down in my heart, I don’t have the hatred for Arsenal that Tottenham fans have. But on the same page, I completely understand. I am a Coventry fan. That’s where watching Coventry in the FA Cup, that’s how I feel when I support a team, and that’s how I know with the rivals and stuff. So, I completely get it, but I am not sure, it’s not really a thing when you are a professional and a player. You just play the game normally and kind of ignore the outside noise.” The Tottenham midfielder has now cleared his intentions to stay at Tottenham and contribute to the team.

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