Tottenham set to gain a huge advantage over West Ham for Adama Traore

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According to Football Insider, Tottenham gains an advantage as West Ham have given up on the race to sign Adama Traore. As of now, only Tottenham Hotspur remains heavily linked to the right-winger. The signing of Traore can cost Tottenham £20 million which can be a bargain for what they are getting. This signing also gives Spurs an advantage over West Ham in the top four race.

Tottenham are currently sixth in the Premier League table and just one point behind West Ham United. Furthermore, Tottenham Hotspur has several games in hand to surpass West Ham for the fourth spot. Adama Traore can be Spurs’ first signing under Antonio Conte. The Lilywhites are performing extremely well after Conte’s appointment. However, Traore is facing a goal drought at Wolverhampton.

Although Traore has been inconsistent with the goal, he can still do a lot of damage to his opponent with his frightening pace and physique. Conte’s plan is to use him as a right-midfielder who can cover the whole flank with his pace. Moreover, Traore will also get a chance at a bigger club where he can return to his best and start scoring goals again.

Conte does have a few options on the right however, he does not have what he wants. Adama Traore can thrive under Conte as the system perfectly suits Traore and his playing style. However, it remains to be seen if Tottenham can finalize a deal to secure the services of Adama Traore.

What can Adama Traore offer Tottenham Hotspur?

Very few defenders in the world can keep up with the pace of Adama Traore. He likes to go directly at defenders and attack the space behind them. He also uses his great physique to shrug defenders off which gets him time on the ball. Traore can also decelerate and accelerate very quickly through which defenders lose a second and lose the race with Traore.

His pace suits perfectly for a counter-attack. Conte is very well-known for scoring on transitions and Traore can increase the chances of scoring more on transitions. Moreover, if he is played on the right then Traore can also prevent transitions with his pace. He can fall back to avoid counters and give his teammates some time to get back into position.

With regular game time, he can do even more with his abilities and learn a lot more under Conte. He might also get Champions League experience which he must have wanted for a long time. Conte is a manager who can get the best out of his players and if he does this with Traore then this Tottenham side can be very threatening for other clubs.

Adama Traore will have second shot with a big club with Tottenham after Barcelona. He is still 25-years-old and at the peak of his age which is perfect for Spurs. Traore can get a lot more than he has to offer if he plays according to Conte and gives his best every time he steps onto the pitch. He is a complete bargain for Spurs as other big clubs like Manchester United and Arsenal are also interested in signing Traore.

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