Two favourites to take over at Chelsea: Ricketts family’s bid turned down

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According to reports, Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has turned down the bid from the Ricketts lineage for a potential take over at the club due to the major backlash by the Chelsea faithful.

The European champions have been through a hell of a roller coaster ride in the past few weeks. Following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia, the Chelsea owner had to put the European champions up for sale after 19 years as the club owner, Roman Abramovich was then authorized by the Uk Government for his close ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The sanctions meant that the club’s sale was put on hold. While the club was not allowed to sell any tickets or club merchandise. On top of that, the club was not allowed to renew player contracts or make any transfers. But recently the UK Government allowed the club to receive £30 million in funds via Fordstam Ltd, owned by Roman Abramovich. The club was also allowed to sell tickets to certain games.

Interested parties had until last Friday to submit their bids for the takeover at the club. Reports suggest that the bid from the Saudi Media group was also rejected. The bid made by the Ricketts family was also turned down. The family owns the Chicago Cubs, baseball team. Their bid was initially expected to be on Raine’s shortlist. But following the massive backlash by the club’s fans, the bid was turned down. The hashtag ‘NoToRicketts’ was even trending on Twitter as the Chelsea faithful were firmly against them taking over at the club.

Two favorites to now take over at Chelsea

Financial Times have reported that 2 proposals led by US investors are certainly expected to be on Raine’s final shortlist. The first bid is by US Millionaire Todd Boehly. Todd Boehly owns the Los Angeles Dodgers. The second bid is led by Josh Harris and David Blitzer.

Josh Harris and David Blitzer own Philadelphia 76ers in the NBA. They also have a share in Premier League side Crystal Palace. To make their bid more attractive, they have also drafted Sir Martin Broughton and Lord Sebastian Coe to their offer.

The UK Government is still keen for the club to be sold as quickly as possible. The Chelsea faithful’s roller-coaster ride may finally be coming to an end in the few upcoming weeks.

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