Umran Malik became an icon for young Kashmiri cricketers

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Umran Malik became a hero among Jammu and Kashmir’s youth cricketers. Umran Malik, a 21-year-old pacer, is known for his lightning-quick delivery of the ball. He is one of the few Indian bowlers who have delivered a 153 KMH ball in the IPL‘s history. The dedication and hard work of this bowler has given him the chance in the T20 World Cup squad as a net bowler. Luck is also in his favour. As a result, his family is at delight at home.

A group of young kids in Gurjar Nagar was found playing cricket on a small field near the Tawi River. The location is in Jammu city, and the fact that these children are playing so early in the morning demonstrates their enthusiasm for the sport.

There was a 12-year-old running like Umran Malik, holding a tennis ball tightly in his right hand. He bowled fast, seemed as if he used all his energy on the ball. The ball was gone past the batsman and hits the stone that was marked as the wicket.

The young bowler inspired by Malik goes past the batsman and says- “It’s not easy to play Umran Malik’s pace.”

And this comment drew attention and enjoyment for those around them. And certainly, there will come more stars from Kashmir in the world of cricket.

Umran Malik became an inspiration for many young cricketers

The Captain of the Indian Cricket Team praised Malik. He expressed his thoughts saying that the tournament brings talent every year. And it’s good to see a guy bowling at 150 KMPH so often. And it is necessary to comprehend these individuals and give them chances to play at a competitive level.

The injury of Natarajan gave Umran Malik the chance to play for the Sunrisers Hyderabad. The team-mates of Malik in the under-23 domestic team expressed and praised on his accomplishments at such a young age.

The selection of Malik is the T20 world cup as a net bowler has brought new energy among the players and youngsters who play cricket in the region.

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