Unveiling the Heartwarming Tale of Rob Holding’s Impact on Jakub Kiwior

In a world where football transcends language and background, Rob Holding’s guidance to Jakub Kiwior exemplifies the power of mentorship on and off the field.

Arsenal’s triumph in the Community Shield against Manchester City not only marked the beginning of their silverware collection but also revealed the camaraderie within the squad.

A Shy Newcomer Finds His Place

Jakub Kiwior, the Polish international who arrived at Arsenal for £21M from Serie A side Spezia in January, found himself in an endearing situation thanks to Holding’s encouragement. The young defender, initially hesitant, now has a cherished photo with the coveted trophy, all thanks to Rob Holding’s advice.

After Arsenal’s triumphant victory in the Community Shield. Holding, in a recent YouTube interview, recalled his interaction with the shy Kiwior. Holding expressed,

“After winning the Community Shield I was speaking to Jakub, who is really shy, doesn’t speak much English, and I said ‘have you had a picture with the trophy yet, with the fans behind?’ And he was like no, I said let’s get one, and he was like ‘no, no, no’.”

Holding, who has gained experience and trophies in his time at Arsenal, understood the importance of capturing such moments. He emphasized,

“I’ve won a few trophies now, and when I look back on it I wish I had enjoyed it a lot more and put myself out there a bit more to say I’m getting the trophy because when I look back on it I want to have that photo.”

The seasoned defender convinced Kiwior, assuring him that he would appreciate the photo in the years to come. Holding added.

“So I said, believe me, let’s go get this photo you’ll appreciate it in a couple of years. So he was like okay,”

Kiwior and Holding knelt beside the gleaming trophy, capturing a memorable photograph. Notably, Martin Odegaard joined them as well for the picture, further cementing the team’s unity.

Arteta to Call on Jakub Kiwior to Navigate Timber Injury?

Mikel Arteta must now strategize without the services of Jurrien Timber, who sustained an anterior cruciate ligament injury in his right knee. Timber’s promising start to his Premier League journey was abruptly halted in the match against Nottingham Forest. Nevertheless, the Dutchman’s absence leaves Arteta seeking alternatives, with the left-back position up for grabs.

Arteta faces an interesting decision regarding his defensive lineup. While talk of pursuing transfer options like Joao Cancelo persists, Arteta has existing resources to tap into. The versatile Takehiro Tomiyasu and the resurgent Oleksandr Zinchenko are viable options. Additionally, Kieran Tierney, despite his recent absence, has showcased his capabilities in pre-season matches.

However, a potentially bold move could involve Jakub Kiwior, who arrived at Arsenal from Spezia earlier this year. Despite primarily playing as a left-sided center-back, Kiwior showcased his versatility by stepping in at left-back during crucial moments last season.

His participation in preseason games also underscores his adaptability. Given his potential to rise to the occasion, Arteta might find Kiwior to be a fitting solution in Timber’s absence.

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