Veerman laments the financial plight of PSV Eindhoven against Arsenal

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Joey Veerman, the midfielder for PSV Eindhoven, couldn’t help but reflect on the stark contrast between his team and Arsenal. It was after their disheartening 4-0 defeat at the Emirates Stadium. This Champions League match marked the debut of Declan Rice in the competition, after highly rated transfer from West Ham United. Alongside emerging talents like Bukayo Saka, Rice made a big impact. He executed a brilliantly timed line-breaking pass that set up Saka‘s early goal.

A hefty price tag of £100 million accompanied Rice‘s transfer. However, it’s abundantly clear that his presence has already made a significant impact on the team.

Veerman, in his post-match interview, did not make excuses for his team’s loss. However, he couldn’t help but emphasize the glaring financial divide between the two sides. He astutely pointed out that Rice’s acquisition alone costs more than the entire PSV roster combined. Veerman stated,

“Arsenal boasts the second most expensive squad globally, and we were well aware that a result like this was within the realm of possibility. It’s not an excuse; it’s the harsh reality we had to face.

The match showcased Arsenal‘s undeniable superiority. Goals came from Leandro Trossard, Gabriel Jesus, and Martin Odegaard. Veerman summed up the sentiments of his team and admitted,

“We were under no illusions – we knew Arsenal was the superior team, so the outcome, although disheartening, shouldn’t come as a surprise.”

What is next for Arsenal in the Champions League

As Arsenal‘s journey in the Champions League continues, they are set to face Lens in early October. Lens managed a commendable 1-1 draw against Sevilla in their opening match.

However, the challenges ahead only serve to highlight Arsenal‘s financial prowess and their talent pool. This includes the likes of Declan Rice. This combination ensures that Arsenal remain a formidable force in European football, with the ability to compete at the highest level.

The defeat was a bitter pill to swallow for PSV Eindhoven. However, it served as a stark reminder of the financial disparities that exist in modern football. Arsenal’s dominance against them was not only a testament to their financial strength, it is also to their ability to attract and integrate top-tier talents like Declan Rice. The match at the Emirates Stadium was a showcase of these factors.

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