Vettel on Belgian Grand Prix future – ‘would be a shame’

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Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel condemn the almost certain loss of the Belgian Grand Prix from the 2023 F1 calendar.

Spa Francorchamps is one of the most iconic tracks on the current F1 calendar. It was one of the 7 tracks on the inaugural official Formula one season back in 1950. Since then Belgian Grand Prix has only missed out 6 times. None of the times Belgian GP was removed from the calendar beforehand. Most of the time the race was canceled, sometimes due to track renovation or political issues.

However, the new owners of F1 Liberty Media are seeking to expand the calendar. With new races outside Europe, Spa’s Belgian Grand Prix is one of the traditional European races under severe threat.

Aston-Martin driver Sebastian Vettel has come out in the open to criticize the decision. The three-time Belgian GP winner said,

“Spa is an amazing track. That [losing the Belgian GP] would be a shame.”

According to Vettel Belgian Grand Prix is a must-have race for 2023 especially after the “horrendous” weather conditions didn’t let any racing action take place last year.

“We have [the race] this year but then last year was horrible,”

“People paid their money and then the rain, there was no race, no refund. I think that was one of the opportunities where we need to be bigger as a sport to thank the fans that we had,”

Vettel added.

Finalizing Vettel said,

“it would be wrong [to lose Belgian Grand Prix] at so many levels.”

Defending World Champion Max Verstappen has also come out to condemn the near-certain removal of the Belgian Grand Prix from the 2023 calendar.

The Dutch said,

“It would be a big shame to lose Spa. It’s my favourite track in the world and also with the recent changes they did to the run off and stuff.”

Vettel’s Belgian Grand Prix stand is similar to most of the other drivers on track.

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