Vincent Kompany feels home after returning back to Premier League


Former Manchester City defender Vincent Kompany return backs to Premier League as a manager of Burnley football club this season.

After fighting promotion last season, Kompany wanted to get head start in this Premier League season. He said :-

“For us, it made perfect sense.

“We were the first team to finish the season, so we had to be in. A team needs to progress when you get promoted… and I don’t see how you can progress on your holidays?”

Meanwhile, chairman Alan Pace is quite happy with Kompany and said :-

“I think the most impressive thing about Vincent was that there was so much we could actually relate to when he was describing his vision regarding a football style, as well as what he wanted to accomplish.

“There was just such a great alignment of thinking, and also a passion around where he wants to go. It was almost infectious. You didn’t want to stop talking. We were only supposed to spend a limited amount of time together and we spent a lot more than I think either of us probably had planned.

“It was just completely natural and engaging the whole time.”

However, Vincent Kompany followed chairman’s comment and said :-

“I was just absolutely convince that it was good and healthy for me.

“I’ll never really took a break after my career. I just went straight into management but one of the people I got the chance to meet was Alan.

“I had made a conscious decision that I wanted to be in an environment with good people and it felt that Alan was exactly that. From there, we just exchanged, debated, talked and convinced each other on certain things. We went for a version of what you see today.

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