Vipin Kasana – the veteran’s last try as a javelin thrower.

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The veteran javelin thrower Vipin Kasana is the one who has been plagued by injuries in his career. The 31-year-old has represented India in both the 2014 and 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Moreover, his list of injuries includes a slipped disc, five hairline fractures. None of his injuries could stop him from representing India. But during September of the last year, he was hit hard as he was diagnosed with life-threatening liver complications.

Vipin Kasana said,

Forget sports, the fact that I am standing on my feet today is a blessing. At that movement, everything looked bleak. I just wanted to survive.” 

Vipin Kasana was part of the training camp with Neeraj Chopra in South Africa. He participated in the Javelin National held in New Delhi. However, during the Paralympics, Vipin was seen as a coach.

He coached para-athletes Sandeep Choudhary and Navdeep. They both finished fourth in their classes in the Tokyo Paralympics. 

Vipin Kasana as a coach

Vipin Kasana said,

While I was not fit enough to participate , I thought training others would be the best thing. I felt very uncomfortable sitting idle at home. Decided wanted to contribute to the sport anyhow, so i waste the break. I finished two courses. A level one coaching course form the World Athletics and the other for National Institute of sports“.

The para-athletes helped Vipin to understand the sport better.

First few days were tough. I had to understand the athletes body after that everything became smooth. As a coach you have to put yourself into the athletes body mentally“, claimed Vipin.

Vipin’s fight back

Vipin Kasan’s liver complications almost needed a liver transplantation. This situation occurred due to the excessive use of painkillers. The disc slip during a weightlifting exercise was the main reason behind so much use of painkillers.

According to Kasana,

Most people would not be able to stand upright with these similar back issues, however I competed against top athletes. For past 10 years I have been dependent on painkillers and resulted in my liver complications“.

Dream to compete in National’s again

In the qualifiers, Vipin secured a spot for the final round. His first and only throw of 63.73 meters was enough to qualify for the finals. According to Vipin, Sunday’s final will make it clear whether he will give the sport a final try or not as a participant.

Vipin is hoping for a good throw at the finals because it will decide whether he goes to the National Camp or not. He thinks that failing to do so will be the end of his athlete life. 

Vipin at present is not in his best shape coming into the nations. The liver complications had forced him to take total bed rest for six months, weakening his muscles.

I haven’t been able to train much but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten how to throw the javelin. It’s an art that once you learn you never forget. As far as fitness is concerned, just give me three months and I will be back in top form“, says the veteran who has a personal best of 82. 51 metres. 

This is something I love. I cannot stay away from sports. Life has given me a lot of so-called second chances. This is another one. Let’s see what happens”, says Vipin Kasana who likes to have a practical approach towards the sport. 

The willpower of Vipin to come back again and to represent his country is great. Vipin’s hardships will certainly help and motivate many people to fight and achieve their dreams.

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