Wasim Akram dared Arshdeep Singh’s trollers

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Arshdeep Singh was hugely trolled after he missed Asif Ali’s catch in the 19th over while defending. Wasim Akram, the Pakistani bowling legend gave a stern message for the trollers. Akram indirectly challenged those who are spreading cyber hate and trolling him. Akram gave all of them a befitting reply. Akram’s outburst came to the netizens who brutally targeted Arshdeep. Arshdeep debuted for India this year. However, his Wikipedia profile somehow tampered too.

Akram has been an expert while the Asia Cup was going on. He found the public behaving unacceptably. Akram cannot even accept the fact that the majority of attacks are from Arshdeep’s own country. Akram even added that it he himself was in place of Arshdeep, he wouldn’t have refrained himself from replying to them back in their way.

Muqaabla karna hai to mujhse karo: Wasim Akram

Ahead of the start of India Sri Lanka match, Akram said,

“If social media wants to target or have a go at someone, try me. Muqaabla karna hai to mujhse karo, then I can reply back. I have a very simple theory. If somebody is rude to me, I will be 10 times ruder. If someone will like me or send me a funny message or has a good sense of humour, I will be exactly the same. Having a go at a young kid, your own kid, doesn’t make any sense. I am all for fans and their opinions, but unless and until you haven’t played professional cricket, you don’t know what type of pressures players are going through on and off the field.’

Akram even gave an example of Hasan Ali. He told how the people targeted the Pakistani pacer for dropping a catch in the 2020 WC semi-final against Australia. In addition to that, Akram also empathized, that fans must change this type of attitude towards people. Its just a game at the day’s end. He moreover said that everyone also must treat it as likely.

Akram added,

“It’s only a game. I saw on social media that a lot of people were having a go at Arshdeep. Their own people… that’s what baffles me. Since dropping that catch in the World Cup last year, every day he trends. These guys read social media. He is a young guy, who is going to play for India for next 10-15 year, and he bowled a brilliant last over. I dropped catches under pressure in crucial games. But you have to move on as a nation.”

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