“What a player”… “A bit like Jude Bellingham” is how Sam Allardyce describes an Arsenal player.


At Arsenal, Declan Rice has made a quick impression. Despite being a new addition to the Emirates this summer, the midfielder has already made a name for himself as one of the key players of the Gunners. Rice is currently without a doubt one of the top names on the Arsenal roster. His recent performances have been nothing short of extraordinary.

Sam Allardyce has been praising midfielder Rice during his appearance on the No Tippy Tappy Football Podcast. He has even drawn comparisons between Rice and Jude Bellingham.

‘It’s a bit like Jude Bellingham’: Allardyce praises Rice

Allardyce praised the midfielder highly

Indeed, in my view, that was one of their largest purchases as well as one of their biggest differences. I believed Man City would go all the way and purchase him when they made a bid. But they didn’t, and I think he had his eye on Arsenal anyway. I don’t know, but he’s made a difference in midfield.

I watched him when they beat us at Leeds, and I said to Moyesy ‘you lucky boy.’ It’s a bit like Jude Bellingham and what’s happened to him, what a player he’s become. Declan Rice hasn’t had that impact, but he has had a massive impact at England, West Ham and now Arsenal,”. Allardyce said.

What a midfield

I find it really exciting that you can discuss Bellingham and Rice in this way, especially from an English perspective. If they keep going in the same direction, these two have the potential to be among the greatest midfield combinations in the world for many years to come.

While Bellingham has nearly disappeared from the game since joining Real Madrid. Rice has improved greatly over the last few months.

Without a doubt, Gareth Southgate enjoys working with both of these players. Who are among the most highly regarded in modern world football.

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