Why Arsenal Should Prioritize Signing an Elite Midfielder Over Star Striker in January

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Arsenal fans are calling for reinforcements, mainly focusing on a striker like Ivan Toney. Yet, recent defeats to West Ham United and Fulham reveal a deeper issue. It is Arsenal’s midfield lacks creativity and control. Addressing this concern could be more critical than just adding a finisher.

Instead of solely chasing a striker, Arsenal would greatly benefit from signing an elite holding midfielder. Frenkie de Jong from Barcelona stands out as a top option to strengthen Arsenal’s midfield, potentially enhancing their goal-scoring ability.

Analyzing Arsenal’s Scoring Challenges

Arsenal’s goal-scoring issue is not just about lacking a clinical striker. The team’s struggle to control games and create chances stems from a significant midfield gap. Recruiting an elite midfielder like Frenkie de Jong could provide the balance and control Arsenal’s midfield currently lacks.

With Thomas Partey injured, Arsenal’s midfield structure has suffered, leading to players operating out of their natural positions. Granit Xhaka‘s departure and Kai Havertz‘s makeshift role as a number eight underscore the need for a specialized midfielder. Havertz, more effective as a luxury player or shadow striker, isn’t optimal in this adapted role.

Initially, Arsenal envisioned Declan Rice as a number eight, intending to free up players like Gabriel Martinelli. A midfielder of Rice’s caliber, or Frenkie de Jong, would enable Martinelli and others to maximize their goal-scoring potential. Thus addressing Arsenal’s deeper tactical issues.

Midfield Over Ivan Toney

Prioritizing a transformative midfield signing over a striker like Ivan Toney could offer Arsenal more strategic benefits. A strong presence in midfield could enhance the team’s overall performance, potentially making a bigger impact than a new striker.

Securing a high-caliber midfielder in January might be challenging, but it’s achievable. Arsenal could target Frenkie de Jong or consider alternatives like Joao Neves from Benfica. Neves fits the club’s midfield requirements and has a release clause.

Waiting until the summer transfer window for a major signing allows Arsenal to strategically plan and execute. Moreover, this approach ensures the right fit for the team, aligning with long-term goals and current tactical needs.

Financing the Midfield Dream

Signing an elite midfielder like Frenkie de Jong will likely require significant funds. Arsenal could generate these funds by selling players like Emile Smith Rowe and Aaron Ramsdale.

The sale of such players could provide the capital for an ambitious midfield acquisition. Moreover, this strategy would align with Arsenal’s goal of building a balanced and competitive squad. Arsenal’s best move this January is to focus on an elite midfielder, rather than a striker like Ivan Toney.

Strengthening the midfield could have a more profound and lasting impact on the team’s performance. Moreover, the arrival of a player like Frenkie de Jong or a similar talent could unlock Arsenal’s full potential. Thus setting the stage for sustained success.

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