Will Chelsea Bring back Fikayo Tomori?

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Fikayo Tomori has tasted success in a very odd fashion as his side secured the scudetto for the 19th time. Fans of the Rossoneri love him and his performance was rewarded by a call to join Gareth Southgate’s squad.

The pensioners have previously loaned Tomori to AC Milan back in 2021. After impressing Pioli he was signed for a fee of a 25million this summer. Chelsea is in partial regret as they had their squad completely stacked when Tomori was in the team.

Tomori was released by keeping both sides on good terms. Now after a year with significant work still to be done at the backline of Chelsea, they regret letting Tomori go.

Why is Chelsea Regret Letting Tomori Go?

Currently at Chelsea environment isn’t good and players are leaving Stamford bridge. Rudiger will leave on a free transfer, Christensen will join Barcelona, Azpi’s future is still uncertain, and Alonso is not on good terms with Tuchel. Except for Chilwell, and Tsalobah no one is on good terms. While it makes room for young blood but young blood also needs to be forged until then they’ll make mistakes. 

Tomori on the other hand went from underperforming to star performer within no time.

Although Chelsea wants him back they should also know the fact that England and Italy are two different locations. Lukaku who scored 40+ goals with Inter has not been able to replicate his form at Stamford bridge. He even publically expressed his desire to go back to Inter bringing more divided opinion for him. The same can happen with Tomori who may struggle as Lukaku did. 

The transfer of Tomori won’t be a 25million deal anymore. The Seria A champions will demand more which may cost the pensioners around 50million or more. The transfer also depends on the player if he wants to come back because a forced transfer never works. One of the best examples of forced transfer is Ronaldo to Man Utd. The deal may have raked in more money for the glazers but is one of the reasons why Man Utd was disastrous. Cristiano no doubt scored goals but he didn’t have the team around him to get the most of him. This led to a massive massacre. 

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