William Saliba and Gabriel bust up clarified by Arsenal manager

William Saliba Gabriel

William Saliba and Gabriel have been an important part of Arsenal so far this season. They have played a big part in Arsenal’s success this season. The Gunners are currently sitting at the top of the Premier League table. The duo have been the first choice for central defenders for Mikel Arteta. And they have proved their worth and partnership time and time again. However, they were seen butting heads at the Leicester City match. The cameras caught them shoving each other at the match after what looked like a brief argument. This was an unusual scene for William Saliba and Gabriel. The Gunners have shown commendable comradeship this season. Therefore a possibility of a clash could hamper the peace in the dressing room. Furthermore, Arteta was asked about the clash after the match. The manager has assured the fans that things are good between the duo.

Mikel Arteta comments on the William Saliba and Gabriel clash

A few questions aroused after the match. Whether or not there is bad blood between the players. Furthermore, the manager was asked to clarify the matter. He was asked if there was a problem between William Saliba and Gabriel. Arteta commented,

“They are happy marriage. They love playing with each other but they are really demanding of each other and everything is fine.”

The manager assured that there was no bad blood between William Saliba and Gabriel. Moreover, the manager was asked if he liked that his players challenged each other. To this Arteta had confessed that he actually loves that the players still want to do better.

He answered,

“Yeah, I don’t want robots, I want players with feeling, with passion that they demand each other, but at the end, they have that chemistry and those two certainly they have that chemistry on and off the field and I love that even when we’re winning they want us to do better.

Artea’s comments on William Saliba and Gabriel have assured the fans that things are still very good in the Gunners dressing room. The Gunners need to maintain good relations with the players if they so much so wish to win the Premier League title.

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