After Arsenal drew with Tottenham in North London derby, Neville suggests a signing they must make.

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Arsenal, according to Gary Neville, are “missing” a striker who can “sniff” and “smell” opportunities, giving them a better chance to win titles and trophies.

As a result of Sunday’s 2-2 draw between the Gunners and Spurs in the North London derby, both teams now trail league leaders Manchester City by four points. After a Cristian Romero own goal and a Bukayo Saka penalty, Son Heung-min scored twice more for Tottenham. This led Arsenal to lose their advantage.

The Gunners’ primary striker has been Gabriel Jesus. Eddie Nketiah serves as a backup in case the Brazilian is hurt or suspended. They have combined for just three goals so far this season. According to Gary Neville, Arsenal might benefit from searching the market for a goal-scoring specialist.

Gary Neville thinks Arsenal needs a signing in the forward line

Neville stated on his Sky Sports podcast. He said

“You’ve got to have a couple of players in your team, at least one, who have that smell of where the ball is going to land. Not a poacher, the days of poachers are gone that just play off another striker and two up top. We’re not in that moment anymore”

Gary Neville further added

“When you think of the forward lines we’ve seen at Barcelona with David Villa, Pedro and Lionel Messi all those years ago. None of them are real strikers as in goal-sniffers. Sergio Aguero was, but we’re not even talking about that, we’re talking about someone who knows where to be.”

“What I didn’t used to like as a defender, but also listening to Sir Alex Ferguson, the coaches and the England coaches over the years, it always had to be that strikers had to make runs across the defender.”

Gary Neville concluded by saying

“And Gabriel Jesus, when he robbed James Maddison, these are big moments in the game and big things. You’ve got to be on the move and be sniffing, smelling, anticipating, and Arsenal haven’t got that.”

“I really like this Arsenal team and they could go on to win a title or finish second. They can have a great season and win trophies without that type of player. But it became obvious in this game that it was missing. Alan Smith pointed it out on commentary too and he knows far more than I do.”

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