After Arsenal win at Luton, Ross Barkley talks about what Martin Odegaard told him.

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With Martin Odegaard’s cross found Declan Rice inside the penalty area, Arsenal defeated the Hatters in the 97th minute. Odegaard was a major factor in the victory. Naturally, though, Luton gave Arsenal a real scare. Ross Barkley, was among those who found the back of the net on that particular evening. He scored the team’s first goal in the second half.

Ross Barkley commends as “world-class.” Odegaard Martin

For Luton, Barkley has been outstanding. He performed quite well against the Gunners. Indeed, it appears that he made an impression on the Arsenal captain during the match.

Barkley eluded Odegaard four times with the ball, as reported by The Times. Even though he was full praise about the Norwegian, he did admit that he thought he could win the physical struggle.

Declan [Rice] is physical. Odegaard is less physical but is world-class on the ball. When I had the ball, I knew I could move the ball away from him,” he said.

Odegaard did say, ‘You have to stop running at me with the ball!’

The Arsenal captain has not yet displayed his full potential

This season, Odegaard hasn’t exactly been at his best. During their run for the Premier League victory the previous year, the skipper was just outstanding. However, he hasn’t been able to truly duplicate that thus far.

His ability was shown by both the goal against Wolves a few days prior and the assist at Kenilworth Road. But last weekend, against Aston Villa, he let two excellent opportunities pass him by.

Arsenal is still only one point off of first place, though. One could argue that the Gunners’ victory at Luton tells the tale of their season thus far.

Mikel Arteta’s team had luck on their side and occasionally suffered setbacks, but they managed to finish the job.

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