After his obscure comment, Chelsea reveals all the additions of Pochettino

Antonio Nusa

During the press conference scheduled ahead of the game against Luton town, Pochettino received several questions surrounding future Chelsea additions. His answers, while clear, did not reveal anything new nor did it give us a hint on the additions’ identities. Now however, after the Luton match, Chelsea confirms the new players and additions Pochettino made.

The Blues manager made it quite clear the team is need of two main components. Those being a goalkeeper, and a attacking player. While many rumours were roaming around, it was hard to find concrete information about the subject. This is especially true after the case of Michael Olise.

Olise is a strange case. Chelsea advanced their negotiation with Crystal Palace surrounding the player to a point where the Blues practically guaranteed the sign. But as everyone knows, the player chose to extend his time with Palace instead. The decision made a new standard for what can be called a guarantee in transfer.

The two additions Pochettino made to Chelsea

The first sign Chelsea confirmed is Djordje Petrovic (Đorđe Petrović), the new goalkeeper. Chelsea was in dire need of this addition, as the only other signed goalkeeper was Robert Sánchez. It is important to remember that the club has lost both Edouard Mendy and Kepa Arrizabalaga this season.

Sources claim that the player was with the Chelsea team after the Luton match. Thus marking the end of the Blues’ search for one of the two players.

The second spot the club wished to fill was the offence. Many speculated the man joining will be non other than Folarin Balogun, which was not the case in the end.

In fact the player in question in non other than Raheem Sterlin. Pochettino promised the player freedom on the pitch as long as he focuses on results, something he seems to take very seriously, as seen by the two goals he scored this game.

This marks the end for the team’s definitive needs as far as Pochettino is concerned. As for wants however, there is plenty of room for improvements.

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