After two devastating injuries, Liverpool is in transfer talks over defender 

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The Dundee manager, Tony Docherty, has disclosed that negotiations concerning Owen Beck’s future are in progress with Liverpool. Owen Beck is currently on-loan at Dundee from Liverpool.

The left-back has been playing brilliantly in the Scottish Premiership thus far this season, and his strong play has even earned him a spot in the starting lineup for Wales. However, there has been conjecture that the 21-year-old Owen might be called up due to injuries sustained at Anfield.

After a collision with Spain goalkeeper Unai Simon during the international break, Andy Robertson dislocated his shoulder and is recovering from surgery. On the other hand, Kostas Tsimikas appeared to have broken his collarbone during Saturday’s draw against Arsenal.

Docherty hopes Owen won’t be returning to Anfield in the next month

Speaking to the Daily Record prior to the Greece international’s injury, Docherty expressed his hope that Owen would not be returning to Anfield next month. As Dundee currently sits seventh in the Scottish Premiership.

Docherty stated, “We are still in talks right now. For these young players, it’s a crucial stage, much like Mal (Boateng). They are receiving football on a regular basis. They are developing, participating in a prominent league, and gaining visibility. Also, they are competing in top-tier stadiums against elite teams“.

The team’s future prospects are greatly enhanced by the exposure they receive on television as well. Every one of them is doing well. They have excellent relationships with each of their parent clubs“.

“In terms of Owen, we have had him in the gym to develop him physically. It is another factor and you really need to pull on everything to attract this level of player“.

They do or they wouldn’t send them up. So far it has been successful for Dundee FC and we have been really happy with. It is something we are not blasé about“.

You need to make sure you commit to the parent club and what you promise you deliver. Hopefully, we have been doing that and you see the development of the players. It benefits us but it also has to benefit the parent club.

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