Andre aligning for Anfield as Fluminense price flatters to deceive

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Since the departure of Fabinho, Liverpool have yearned for a similar holding midfield presence. They have once again found the answer in the Favelas of Brazil. Andre, playing for Fluminense is a calming presence as well as robust ball hunter at the same time. Liverpool play high intensity, counter attacking football, which makes a defensively solid presence necessary.

The alternative of using Mac Allister as a pivot is a stopgap solution at best. The Argentine likes to play his football further forward, executing the final ball to the feet of willing runners. Endo, signed from the Bundesliga this summer has also found the CDM shoes too big too fill. His displays have often left the Reds fans wanting for more effort and skills.

Potential English suitors lineup

A talent like Andre possessing calmness on ball, excellent defensive stats, high interception rate, a knack to buildup with elaborate long passes, and neat short passes simultaneously, is valued highly. Most of the top European teams need such a presence in their midfield. This is due to the shift in football to a more tactical and physical setup rather than skill based. Moreover, being just 22-years old Andre already has strong fundamentals. He has excellent positioning and defensive IQ which are two key aspects of the modern game. Naturally, its no surprise that that offers from top clubs have lined up to secure one of the top talents of this generation. Clubs like Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Fulham, etc. are vying for his signature.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that Fluminense are prepared to play hard ball. Initially the price stated for the young talent was about 30 million euros. However, with increased attention Fluminense would be willing to run this saga for a longer time, hoping for a bidding war to take place.

Andre waits in Fluminense as Liverpool lick their lips

Liverpool were amongst the first club to scout Andre. There were however, rumours of Liverpool pulling out of the race due to monetary scares. It was then reported that Andre would subsequently be going to the Merseyside. However Brazilian reporter Emmanuel Luiz, clarified things by saying, “Not true at all. That’s the way Liverpool negotiate. They’re still in the race but Fluminense is losing their patience.” Liverpool have previously avoided overpaying due to these tactics. Now that multiple top clubs are in the race any sign of interest could significantly flair up the price. However, the club that acquires the young talent would not have any regrets, no matter the price in the already inflated market.

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