Another potential flop for Klopp: Could Fabio Carvalho return to Liverpool?

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Fabio Carvalho was the standout star for Fulham in their Premier League qualifying campaign of 2021. The inevitable big club move became a reality when their long-time admirers swooped in for him. When Fabio Carvalho completed his $10 million (according to goal) move to Liverpool, he looked destined to succeed. However, in spite of getting regular game time due to injuries in the squad, he wasn’t able to make an impact. He subsequently moved to Leipzig on loan.

Fabio Carvalho from Liverpool to RB Leipzig

The move for Fabio from Liverpool to Leipzig was touted as a great move for all parties involved. Fabio has a lot to learn in the German league with previous exemplary examples of nurturing talent, Jude Bellingham, Erling Haaland and Jamal Musiala to name a few. Moreover, RB Leipzig play with a similar kind of tactical setup to that of Liverpool, citing that Marco Rose, Leipzig’s manager, is a great admirer and former disciple of Jürgen Klopp. Fabio is an ideal forward for a lot of teams. He has an invaluable asset of playing anywhere in the frontline. There have been several debates about his best position. In that context, he played his best football in a no.10 role at Fulham. His vision, ball control and passing range make him ideal for a transitional setup like Leipzig. However, he hasn’t been able to convince his manager to give him plentiful opportunities.

Fairytale Fabio reunion: New Year, Old club?

Ideally, a loan move serves the purpose of developing a young talent from a big club by providing him regular playing time. However, in Fabio’s case there is a 3-way standoff. Playing only 5 games in the current season, would definitely affect Fabio’s mentality which could be concerning for the reds. Liverpool for their part must look to recall the player if current circumstances prevail. On the bright side another loan move for the youngster could be on the cards in January. It’s up to Liverpool now to find the appropriate club for the youngster to shine ‘bright red‘ again.

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