Arsenal legend Jack Wilshere has named Bukayo Saka as the most incredible player for England

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Arsenal legend Jack Wilshere has said that Bukayo Saka is the most incredible player for England. Hence, the fans should be happy to have him on the team.

He will reportedly start in their first game against Iran. The Gunners are also negotiating a contract extension with the agent of the winger.


According to reports, Arsenal winger Bukayo Saka is going to start for England against Iran in their opening World Cup match. However, many fans were not happy with the news. A number of fans have said on social media that Phil Foden or Marcus Rashford should have started. However, Gunners legend Jack Wilshere has said that Bukayo Saka deserves the start. He also added that the England fans are underestimating the ability of the Arsenal winger.

Wilshere further added,

“I wonder if the England fans realise what a truly great player we have in Bukayo Saka,”.” Yes, I know I’ll be accused of bias because Bukayo plays for Arsenal but, honestly, he has special gifts. “What amazes me about him is he always makes the right decision, it’s incredible. “It is so rare for a young player – he’s only just turned 21 – to instinctively know what is right in any given situation. I stress with my Arsenal Under-18 players to study him.”


Arsenal will hope that they can find an agreement to extend the contract of Bukayo Saka. A number of reports also claim that the Gunners are willing to make him one of the highest-paid players at the club. The report also claims that the negotiations are going smoothly. However, the Gunners are yet to find a full agreement with the agent of the winger.

Bukayo Saka has also said that he is open to committing his long-term future to Arsenal. A number of reports also claimed that Manchester City were showing interest. However, the reports were termed fake rumors. Although, given his abilities and quality, it will be no surprise that Manchester City shows interest in him in the future.

Arsenal will hope that Bukayo Saka helps them get Champions League football in the next season. However, they will also hope that he returns fit without any injury from the World Cup. The reason is he currently has the most involvement in the goals directly for the Gunners.

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