Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta praised by Liverpool assistant manager Pep Ljinders

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Liverpool assistant coach Pep Ljinders has praised Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta. He has also praised Arteta’s recruitment in the recent transfer windows.

Ljinders has also spoken about their similar journeys as assistant managers. Hence, it is looking like Mikel Arteta is winning praise from every corner this season.


Liverpool assistant manager Pep Ljinders has praised Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta for the progress in his career. He has also said that he rejected the chance to become Arteta’s assistant at Arsenal. However, he said that he is happy that he rejected and stayed with Liverpool. This is because Liverpool won the Premier League title in that season. However, he has said that both of them have good professional relationship since their days together in the coaching course.

He further said,

“I loved every second [on the coaching course with Arteta]. Mikel and I were in the same position at that time: him assisting Pep, me assisting Jurgen. Curiosity and respect – so many similarities. “I want people I respect to do well. Except against us! He is transforming the club [Arsenal]. There isn’t a bigger compliment in football. ”When your competitors talk about you, you know you’re doing something fantastic. This season, much has been said about Arsenal’s transformation. Many can’t believe how Arteta has transformed Arsenal from “league pretenders” to “league contenders”.


The opinion is that the owners and the fans also deserve fans for backing Mikel Arteta. This is because the club could have easily sacked him after they missed out on Champions League qualification last season. However, the owners and the fans did not turn him. They have backed him even more in the summer transfer window. Mike Arteta spent almost 200 million in the summer transfer window. The fans have also sold out their home and away matches.

After the end of the last summer transfer window, he even praised the commitment and investment of the Kroenke family for Arsenal. He further said,

“I think the commitment and desire of this ownership is without a question or doubt as good as I’ve seen in football. They’re on it, they want to take this club to a completely different level. They have the ambition, and it’s clear, there is so much evidence that they’re giving us all the support we need in order to do that. “So it’s great to see as well that now there is a little bit of change in that talk and even our supporters and everybody around the world is talking very differently about what is happening here.”

Hence, it is clear that Mikel Arteta is winning praises from his teammates and his opponents. He has helped Arsenal stay at the top of the Premier League table this season. Hence, the owners are again going to back him in the January transfer window with new signings. They are already in negotiations to sign Mykhaylo Mudryk for a 50-60 million transfer fee.

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