Arsenal races Chelsea to sign the Crystal Palace player Marc Guehi


The Crystal Palace player Marc Guehi claimed the attention of Chelsea for a while now, with Arsenal following suit. Which club the player will join however, is unclear.

How Chelsea fares against Arsenal and Crystal Palace

The Blues always had an eye for the player, although he did not seem necessary. As Pochettino clarified in his pre-match interviews against Luton, the positions he wishes to secure are already full.

The manager has stated he only needs a single defender and a goalkeeper. Guehi lost the chance to join the team to Raheem Sterlin, while Djordje Petrovic took the role of goalkeeper.

Still, Wesley Fofana’s recent injury may change that. As the defender will need rest for 4 to 6 months to fully heal after surgery. These news, while unfortunate, mean Chelsea now has a reason to sign Guehi.

Arsenal’s odds in the matter

Arsenal are also determined to add the young defender to their roster. The club had interest for a while but is yet to act upon it until now. This is due to William Saliba’s injury that, sadly, will not be healing as fast as expected. Thus fuelling the club’s desire to strengthen the defence even further.

Indeed, what started as a simple back injury turned into something greater. As Saliba is yet to show improvement.

In brief, Both the Gunners and The blues have similar motives to sign the player. Both clubs need a new replacement for an injured player, but both are yet to make a bid.

The player’s current club

Speaking of which, the young man began the season priced at £60 million, and with the current tension surrounding him, the price will only go higher. Not to mention the Eagles view the player as a vital asset and a crucial component to their main team.

Thus, within the last days of this transfer window, it may be impossible to note which will club will foster the player in the future. Not without any comment from Guehi himself.

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