Chelsea shifts its focus behind the backline with new goalkeeper signing

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With the transfer window nearing its end, Chelsea add the Serbian goalkeeper Djordje Petrovic (Đorđe Petrović) to their last hour transfer list.

The Blues are in the midst of a very busy trading season. The club spent over £300 million on eight players, half of which a mainly defence oriented. This, without a doubt, justifies the focus on the offence they displayed recently.

Moreover, there are numerous player who may be leaving Chelsea. The most notable examples being Romelu Lukaku and Callum Hudson-Odoi, both of which are aiming for a permanent departure this summer window.

Although the former is facing multiple difficulties despite his agent’s best efforts. But there is hope, as West Ham have been confirmed to have serious discussions involving the player’s future.

However, With Robert Sánchez as the only goalkeeper signed this season, the current problem presents itself. Having traded Edouard Mendy to Al-Ahli Saudi and and loaned Kepa Arrizabalaga to Real Madrid, Chelsea needs more goalkeepers.

Luckily, the Blues have already taken measure to address the issue. Chelsea have confirmed their interest to sign goalkeeper Djordje Petrovic from the New England Revolution. the club has bid £12.5million for the 23 year old, and are expecting him to join in time for the Luton Town match.

Chelsea’s new goalkeeper

Petrovic is a reliable player to say the least. With over a third of his games being a clean sheet, the 23 year old abilities to save both long and short ranged shots are undeniably good. Not to mention the young man’s longevity on the pitch and remarkable consistency. Marking the exact goalkeeper Chelsea needs.

With a bid twice the player’s market value, Chelsea seem very certain of the player’s future arrival. However the club was proven wrong before by Michael Olise, thus the matter is still uncertain untill his arrival.

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