Arsenal’s Oleksandr Zinchenko and Moises : A Perfect Combat Team


Roberto De Zerbi worries that he might lose Moises . Moises is a 21 year old Brighton player.Clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea are vying for attention from the Brighton player. At the same time Zinchenko is acing up his game. Will Aresnal’s Oleksandr Zinchenko and Moises of Brighton together takeover the next season?

Arsenal is set to finish in the top four this premier league. However their effort to beat Man city did not pay off.They aim on hitting the records next season.

On the other hand Mikel Arteta is in the midst of recruiting .He aims at creating an exemplary team .This will increase the chances for Arsenal to grab the title next season.

Arteta and his plans

when asked about this summer ,Arteta said

“To go to the next level is going to be a crucial summer for us. “

Arteta is putting in efforts to evolve an efficient team .This will accelerate their performance next season .The 41 year old is making tough decisions .This will determine the club’s future.

Will Moises Caicedo transfer to Arsenal ?

There is a lot of glory and interest surrounding the young lad . Clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea are also chasing the midfielder. Arsenal is also keen on bringing Zinchenko and Moises together. This duo will provoke breathtaking reactions. The Brighton player’s transfer will take Arsenal to the next level.The Gunners will be able to revolutionise its right axis.

Oleksandr Zinchenko and Moises

The duo, Zinchenko and Moises would be the culmination of a perfect midfielding team . The two will complement each other.This will bring in the exact missing piece Arsenal is looking for . Caicedo’s performance in Emirates stadium against the Gunners is another eye opener.His impressive tackles against Gabriel Martinelli shun Arsenal to another degree.

Caicedo bags 47% cross accuracy ,32% shooting accuracy record this Premier league . This makes him a perfect fit to Arsenal’s hunt for midfielders.

Arsenal is set to bid adieu to Granit Xhaka .On the other hand Reiss Nelson will be out of contract this summer.The terms of his extension have not been specified . There are rumours surrounding his extention.

If Arteta can pull in Moises, Arsenal will enter its period of golden regime. This will mark the beginning of a new legacy .

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