Artem Dzyuba reacts angrily to the Instagram post by Andriy Yarmolenko

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Artem Dzyuba is not happy with Andriy Yarmolenko as his post on Instagram has called out the Russian footballers. West Ham‘s Ukrainian forward posted on 2nd March where he tagged a lot of Russian players. He asked the players why are they silent towards the growing conflict between Ukraine and Russia. Since Yarmolenko is a Ukrainian, his emotions were understandable.

Russia decided to invade Ukraine a few days earlier and that has caused a lot of havoc even in the footballing stadiums. The Ukrainian civilians are suffering a lot which has had a direct impact on the Ukrainian players. West ham’s Andriy Yarmolenko, along with Oleksandr Zinchenko and Vitalii Mykolenko are visibly disturbed by the recent happenings.

Andriy Yarmolenko had this to ask the Russian footballers who were tagged in his video,

“I have a question for Russian players. Guys, why are you sitting like s***heads, and not saying anything? In my country they’re killing people, killing wives, killing mothers, killing our children. But you saying nothing, you’ve given no comments.”

Yarmolenko also referred to Dzuyba’s leaked video in 2020. This must have caused the anger in Dzuyba to reply Andriy Yarmolenko with such anger. Arten Dzyuba had said that all of his teammates are against wars and has pleaded to keep football out of politics.

Why both Yarmolenko and Dzyuba are upset over each others Instagram’s posts?

Andriy Yarmolenko is of the view that if the players make their voices clear, there are more chances that the war can be stopped. He wants the players to use their power in hand to stop the war and free the Ukrainian citizens. However, he could have asked the Russian players to help more politely. He did not have to use any past or personal issues in order to make his point clearer.

Artem Dzyuba is also against wars as he is aware of what wars can cost. He mentioned that even the other Russian players are against the conflict. However, Artem Zyuba was deeply hurt by Yarmolenko’s recent statements which came out along with the suspension of the Russian teams from major tournaments of the season.

Dzyuba was of the view that sports should not be pulled into politics. He mentioned that people want more sports than politics. However, the people themselves have decided to scrap Russia and Russian clubs from all the major tournaments. Vitalli Mykolenko also stood up to help Andriy Yarmolenko in fighting against Artem Dzyuba.

Several Russian sportspeople have publicly said no to war, however, that is yet to take place in the world of football. Although sports and politics should not be mixed, war is not something that the footballers will pretend as nothing has happened. The decision to disqualify Russian clubs and Russia as a club was taken so that the Russian government may have to decelerate their invasion of Ukraine.

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