Aston Martin ‘best option’ for Fernando Alonso in F1

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Fernando Alonso switched teams ahead of the 2023 F1 season going to Aston Martin and replacing Sebastian Vettel.

Fernando Alonso will be driving for Aston Martin in 2023. The Spaniard endured a tough season with his team Alpine in 2022. Alonso suffered 6 disappointing DNFs this year caused by mechanical problems.

This plagued and affected his performance dramatically. Alonso finished his season in 9th behind his teammate Esteban Ocon scoring 81 points.

Nevertheless, after suffering another disappointing retirement in Abu Dhabi, Alonso was quick to jump in his Aston Martin to get some test laps under his belt. The 41-year-old completed his first test with his new team in Abu Dhabi itself.

De La Rosa is confident about the future of Alonso

In Aston Martin, Fernando Alonso will be joined by his old companion Pedro de la Rosa. De La Rosa is now the ambasador at Aston Martin.

The ex-F1 Spanish driver is confident that this move from Alonso is the best:

“Fernando always bets on the best option available and at the moment, without a doubt, it is Aston Martin,”

de la Rosa told AS newspaper.

“It’s not about the performance we see today but what Fernando sees and what those of us in the team see are the aspirations they have – the changes, the tools, the new wind tunnel, new simulator, new factory.

“It’s all very hopeful and that’s why Fernando is here. It is the future.

“But we don’t know how long it will take for it to bear fruit,”

the Spaniard thoughtfully wondered.

“This is not a football team where you sign four stars and you’re halfway there.”

Alonso was also very confident after completing his first test with his new team. Fernando Alonso will be joining Lance Stroll in Aston Martin to begin his new journey in F1.

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