Aston Martin brings new rear wing design for Italian GP

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Aston Martin comes to Italian GP running 9th in the constructors’ standings.

Aston Martin has come in news several times due to its design concepts. The green AMR22 driven by Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll has failed to produce a good enough race pace this season. The car performs even worse on qualifying days.

Nevertheless, talking about design concepts, Aston Martin caught the eye back in Spanish Grand Prix.

The car was labeled the ‘Green Red Bull’ due to the similarity of the sidepods design to that of RB18. Red Bull even claimed that the designs were copied using their intellectual property.

Aston Martin, however, denied those allegations claiming they were working on the design from last year.

Furthermore, the Mike Krack-led team arrived in Budapest for Hungarian Grand Prix with a controversial rear wing design. The team implemented a rear wing design that resembled last year’s design. However, the design was deemed within the regulations.

According to Alpine sporting director, Alan Permane, the idea was so clever that he expects the teams to use it in Singapore.

Aston Martin’s aggressive rear wing design

Monza however is a different track.

It is a high-performance, high-power track. The engine needs to work on maximum power with the body of the car being as streamlined as possible.

The same applies to rear wings. Teams use concepts that one can be fooled into thinking that there is no wing at all.

Aston Martin has arrived at the Italian GP with a somewhat similar design. The thin, flat-paneled wing aimed to reduce drag as much as possible.

With DRS open it might seem like there is no rear wing at all! That’s what we love in Formula 1. The engineering level in this pinnacle of motorsports is just extreme.

Can this wing help Aston Martin at the 2022 Italian GP? We will know.

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