Barcelona shift their focus on Thiago Alcantara after Gavi’s injury

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Barcelona’s transfer plans have faced a significant change following Gavi‘s ACL injury last weekend during the International break. This has impacted the club’s strategy for the upcoming January transfer window.

Gavi’s season-ending injury has directed Barcelona’s attention toward securing a new midfielder. Despite exceeding the salary limit, La Liga permits emergency signings under specific conditions, presenting Barcelona with an opportunity. According to reports from SPORT, Barcelona is eyeing Thiago Alcantara, a seasoned midfielder from Liverpool, as potential replacement for Gavi.

Thiago’s contract with Liverpool extends until 2024, making him a viable and financially accessible option for Barcelona in January. Considering his commitment to Liverpool over the past three years, the club might entertain the prospect of Thiago’s departure during the winter transfer period.

Thiago Alcantara: A viable option for Barcelona

Although Thiago has faced recent fitness concerns, expectations are high for his full recovery by the end of this year. Barcelona perceives Thiago as an attractive option not just for financial reasons but also due to his familiarity with the club’s ethos and playing style.

Xavi, Barcelona’s head coach, is already familiar with Thiago’s playing style. He holds the belief that the midfielder can swiftly adapt to the team’s tactics, seamlessly integrating into Barcelona’s midfield setup.

In addition to considering Thiago, Barcelona is exploring alternatives such as Jorginho and Guido Rodriguez. However, these players might not perfectly align with the profile of an interior midfielder. Instead, they are being viewed as options for the pivot position in the summer of 2024.

Barcelona now faces a pivotal decision, whether to reintegrate Thiago, a former La Masia graduate, or to place faith in existing prospects like Fermin Lopez, Marc Bernal, and Aleix Garrido to fill the void left by Gavi’s absence. The choice remains uncertain for the club.

Gavi’s injury has prompted Barcelona to reevaluate their midfield choices, with Thiago emerging as a potential solution due to his familiarity with the club’s philosophy and style of play.

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