BCCI reports ‘special picks’ for two new IPL franchises

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The two new franchises in IPL next year will be wanting to get some big players into their team which BCCI is trying to contemplate. And BCCI would give an opportunity to the new two teams to buy some players outside the mega auction. As strange as it sounds, BCCI is trying to offer make the competition as competitive as possible.

Other than that, BCCI would grant all the eight teams to have some players with the retention card like always. Though, the new two teams can’t retain players as they’re just getting involved in the tournament. But they will get an opportunity to buy some players besides the auction.

According to the sources within the BCCI and the teams, it suggests that the upcoming team would have a special privilege. The players that have enrolled themselves in the Auction this year can be bought by the two new teams even before the mega auction takes place. Thus giving equal power to all the ten teams.

IPL 2022: BCCI contemplates the special picks for new franchises

BCCI is contemplating the ‘special picks’ for the new franchises. It’s not decided yet but there would be at least two or three each players given to both the teams. And it would be taken into the consideration that the tournament is fair, this might be one of the reason for this step.

The existing franchises could retain maximum of four players with three Indians and one foreigner. Or maybe two Indians and two foreigners each which on total doesn’t exceed four.

There are many queries regarding retentions and auctions. And BCCI stated that it will be answered very soon. It is expected that BCCI will unveil all the information soon in the month of October itself. Most likely after IND-PAK match on 24th October.

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